What do you do when you’re a busy professional with multiple life priorities that take precedence over your chronic illness(thyroid in this case)? You end up perpetually tired and exhausted, but somehow strangely inspired to quit and start a company with a solution that “simply works” and motivates everyone to lead healthier, guiltless lives. That’s the story of our founder and CEO, Priya Komarlingam.

Our founders, Priya Komarlingam and Lenny George have over 25 years of combined experience in technology and management and are united in their passion to bring a product to market that will help make everyday-life easier and rewarding for their customers. HEXIS is the result of that passion made possible after two years of research, hundreds of customer interviews, focus groups and prior prototypes.


Our mission is to help lead our customers to better health and wellness by delivering transformative products and responsible service. Our mission helps guide every decision that is made in CueMed from concept ideation to product delivery.