Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CueMed?

CueMed is a digital health hardware startup focused on improving medication adherence and health outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions.

What is Hexis?

HEXIS will be a voice-enabled smart pill organizer that can track and remind users to take their medication while providing additional insights to live a healthier life.

Who is Hexis for?

Anyone who takes daily medication for chronic illness and could benefit from reminders to take their doses as well as additional information on how to live healthier lives.

How does Hexis work?

HEXIS will be a voice-enabled connected pill organizer designed to be able to contain medications for up to four times a day for seven days a week, storing as many as 14 pills per day. Apart from tracking and reminding you to take medications, HEXIS could also be made to work with other home health devices such as Fitbit, Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure monitors, and Electronic Weighing scales in order to track your activity, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels. HEXIS could provide daily accountability bites in order to maintain healthy habits.

How can I buy HEXIS?

Get on our wait list by signing up here so we can let you know as soon as our pre-order campaign opens.

I'd would like to be a beta tester for HEXIS. Where can I sign up?

Want to get a sneak peek? Sign up here to get on the wait list for our exclusive Beta Testing offers or email us at info AT cuemed DOT co for more information.