CueMed; bringing a new, intelligent way to manage prescriptions for our busy lives.

By Priya Komaralingam, Founder and CEO

CueMed provides a simple and effective smart solution to help people with chronic conditions stay on top of their medication needs. We are passionate about simplifying advanced technology to promote better health through effective medication management.

Why do we care about helping people take their medicines on time?

More people are getting diagnosed with chronic conditions every day. This is due to earlier and more advanced detection of diseases, lifestyle changes and our population as a whole, growing older. About 150 million Americans suffer from chronic conditions.

Getting diagnosed with, for example, diabetes or hypertension can mean having to make many changes to lifestyle including eating healthier, quitting smoking, exercising more, and managing a whole new set of medication. It may be challenging to follow these new health guidelines in addition to juggling existing life priorities like work, family, travel, and others.

Trying to keep track of it all may lead to varying levels of slip-ups in taking medication regularly. “One day won’t matter”, some might say. Others are wracked with guilt over not taking their medication but cannot seem to find a convenient solution to this problem. This adds to their overall guilt and more stress related to their health.

Not taking medication regularly may not have an immediate negative effect but over time, can significantly impact the severity of the diagnosed condition. Additionally, not adhering to medication guidelines can lead to equally or more severe, related diseases. Research shows that 50% of medication for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed and this results in almost 125,000 premature deaths annually in the US. So, this is important for us to solve as a society.

Take the case of diabetes. Managing diabetes is a lifetime job and neglecting to take adequate care could lead to vision impairment, heart disease, kidney disease, and other conditions which can be potentially fatal. To be clear, there are other factors that may result in these conditions arising, but medication adherence plays a role.

People want to take care of their health. People want to take their medication on time. They are just unable to and don’t want to change their whole lives around it.

I’m a big believer that convenience is the biggest factor in creating better habits.

My passion for solving this problem also stems from my own personal experience. A couple of years ago, I got diagnosed with a non-life-threatening but chronic condition. While juggling day-to-day life between a work schedule and a young family, I prioritized everything else and put self-care on the back-burner.

I tried a number of medication organizer products on the market but found them lacking. They did not integrate into my busy life and I ended up skipping my medication several times.

I thought to myself, “there has to be a better way.” Having a strong technology background, experience in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space, and a can-do attitude, I decided to found CueMed to bring a better solution to the market. I knew that if we could develop an intelligent and elegant solution that blended into our daily lives, we would go a long way in helping people lead healthier lives.

This led to the birth of our first product, Hexis – a highly advanced but very simple-to-use smart pill organizer with a voice-activated solution. Simply put, Hexis works as a personal health assistant.

Hexis, a smart way to manage your medication

“How do we make it easy for people to take all their medication in time?”

“Changes in daily routines often cause people to not take their medication.  How do we make the process of taking medication regularly simple for busy people?

“Can just an app help people take their prescriptions? Or do people ignore their app notifications? Is something more needed?

“If a physical product is needed, what type of product will work?”

“Are there better ways to improve people’s medication routines using analytics?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves as we set out on the journey to create HEXIS - the intelligent, voice-enabled pill organizer and health assistant.  We started with gathering insight from thousands of users just like me, trying to manage chronic conditions – what works and what doesn’t. In fact, we talked to thousands of people and the response was overwhelming. We needed a better solution to this complex problem.

Researching what’s already out there in the market, apart from my personal experiments, really helped us understand what’s missing. For example, our research showed that relying on software app notifications alone does not solve the problem. People tend to ignore or turn off notifications. Similarly, physical products solely focusing on pill organization do not provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

We discovered that people need a more holistic solution that combines pill organization and functions as an intelligent voice-enabled assistant with analytics for insights.

After two years of extensive research, feedback from thousands of people, and various versions of our product, we showcased Hexis at the Collision Conference in New Orleans earlier this year to very favourable reviews.

We focused on extensive testing and validation during every step of the design process. Our esteemed advisory panel of physicians, Dr. Bradley Younggren, and Dr. Venkata Avinash Punyapu provided their input which has been extremely valuable through the product development journey. Both Seattle-based doctors, Dr. Younggren is Chief Medical Officer at 98point6 and an Emergency physician in Seattle. Dr. Punyapu practices Internal Medicine at Valley Medical Center.

Why do people prefer HEXIS?

  • Easy-to-use for people of all ages

  • Smart way to organize medication in a sleek design

  • Tracks actual medication usage

  • Provides voice-activated reminders

  • Personalized health assistant with guidance about disease management

  • Powerful analytics translates user data into insights to better understand how to improve people’s lives.

To say we are excited is an understatement. We cannot wait to get our product into the hands of people who can really benefit from it. We start our pre-order campaign in March 2019 with product delivery by September 2019. To register for pre-order or more information, please visit or reach out to me at